Rise World Co. Ltd is a leading company specializing in the import and export of scrap materials from Bangkok, Thailand. With years of experience in the scrap trade industry, we have built a strong reputation for our reliable services, exceptional customer support, and commitment to sustainable practices. Our company operates globally, serving clients across various industries, and we pride ourselves on being a trusted scrap trading partner for all scrap material needs.

Scrap Products

We source a wide range of scrap materials from different countries, ensuring high-quality products and competitive pricing. Our extensive scrap network allows us to efficiently import scrap materials, including Non Ferrous Metals, Ferrous Metals, Pet Flakes, Lead, OCC & ONP, metals, plastic scrap, paper scrap, electronic waste, and more.


We offer comprehensive export services for scrap materials, catering to the needs of international markets. Our team ensures proper sorting, packaging, and shipping to deliver the scrap materials to our clients worldwide. We comply with all relevant regulations and strive to provide timely deliveries.

Customized Solutions

Understanding the unique requirements of our clients, we provide tailored solutions to meet their specific scrap material needs. Whether it's a large-scale industrial project or a smaller requirement, we offer flexible services and can handle diverse volumes of scrap materials.

Quality Control

We prioritize quality control throughout our import and export of scrap processes. Our team of experts conducts thorough inspections to ensure that the scrap materials meet the required standards and specifications. By maintaining strict quality control measures, we guarantee customer satisfaction and reliable products.

Sustainable Practices

At Scrap Importer & Exporter, we are committed to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. We adhere to strict environmental guidelines and promote recycling and waste reduction. Our focus on sustainability helps us contribute to a greener future and encourages our clients to adopt eco-friendly practices.

Our Team

Below are our Team Members.


Contact: +66 094-802-9822

Karan Goel( Director)


+66 094-802-9822 ( sales)
Gayatri Chatley


We look forward to serving you and fulfilling your scrap material needs efficiently and responsibly. Please email your query.